Where it all began

It all began in San Luis Obispo back in the mid-90s after years of singing in music theatre a student graduated Cal Poly School of Business and went out into the corporate world. Building a career, finding a great wife, family, and life with travel, multiple moves, next thing you know 20 years has passed.

Always meaning to start a band, the concept and genre changed many times then a Depeche Mode concert brought the focus, wow what a great show, great music, great visuals, great entertainers, didn’t know they were more than 80’s pop.

Fast forward and the vision for Dark 8 Zero developed, more than a band, more than a DJ. Lets create a show where music and visuals all come together with our own spin on the great darker new wave music from the 80s; The Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Smiths, and other great songs like I Melt With You, Tainted Love, White Wedding and so many more. Here we are San Luis Obispo, looking forward to enjoying great evenings together singing and dancing with you!

Dark 8 Zero Is

Rob Wickens – Vocals, Visuals & DJ
Jeff Legato – Keyboard & Backing Vocals

Chad Hoffman – Guest Bass
Suspended Motion – Aerialists

The Purpose – EarthGen Alliance

The members of Dark 8 Zero have been around the block, family, friends, careers, ups and downs you know the drill. We have come together not only for the love of music and entertaining but to make a difference in this life, leave the planet in better shape than when we got here. All of our shows big or small are fundraising events to support the great nonprofit EarthGen Alliance who supports bringing green solutions to the world.

All proceeds after basic event expenses will go to EarthGen Alliance a 501(c)(3) nonprofit making all you give tax deductible from ticket price to direct donations. More information soon about EarthGen Alliance…

The Right Time

Everywhere we go and everyone we talk to seem to be so excited about the music and experience we have prepared as Dark 8 Zero. Children of the 80s in their 40’s and 50’s now are freaking out and funny enough even our own kids feel a nostalgia for these great 80s hits and movies from John Hughes like Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and many more. Some of the music we play as covers without many changes and others we put our Dark spin on, we hope you enjoy the lives shows and much as we enjoy performing them.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandhi ~