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This Dark 8 Zero project is a culmination of many positive motivations, the love of music, performing, creating something artistic and most importantly, making a difference. All of our shows and event production services may include full or partial tax deductions as they benefit the EarthGen Alliance nonprofit.

Book the Band: Want to book live 80s band Dark 8 Zero the dance experience playing songs from artists including Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Smiths, The Cult and many more, get in touch today 805-380-7763 dark8zeromusic ‘at’ Ready to host an amazing event? Read on!

From the start we decided to focus our energy on what we consider a ‘performance based’ fundraising model that create win-win events for those we partner with. We have extensive event production expertise both within the band and our team at EarthGen Alliance and it’s LearnGrowThrive production company.

Hire LearnGrowThrive Productions for your event: No two events are alike and each has uniques objectives and goals. Looking to promote your business, products or services, host award and recognition events, raise funds for a cause or just throwing a fun and profitable gala or wedding? LearnGrowThrive Productions is interested in put on an event that exceeds all expectations! Read more below…


LearnGrowThrive Productions is a Ventura and San Luis Obispo event production company that is proud to be an event service provider helping to build a stronger local community. Why the long name? LearnGrowThrive is our community education, tutorial and workshop so naming the production company the same was a great fit, read more below.

And how great is it that your event could be designed to make a difference and likely be a great tax write-off for you and your guests, call us to discuss how this works 805-380-7763.

Creating a successful event takes great planning and usually complementary marketing strategy, here are just a few services we can offer.

  • Live Band: Dark 8 Zero live 80’s new wave dance band
  • Videography and digital media services
  • Performers: Aerial, hula hoop, dance performances including fire dancers!
  • Live DJ’s and MC’s: With varied music genres from dance and top 40 to country even ambient or classical for gala and awards events.
  • Visuals: Visual production including custom videos, slides and other effects such as key lighting, smoke machines, etc.
  • Graphic Design: Print and digital materials including flyers, posters, websites, videos, event slides and other promotion and marketing collateral development.
  • Hardware & Equipment: Video projectors, speakers, staging, lighting, and other standard event A/V.
  • Marketing: We are masters of marketing, planning and execution including print, media, PR, online & social media, cross-promotions even guerilla marketing when appropriate.
  • Event add-ons: Silent auctions, giveaways, prizes, raffles, food and drink tastings and more can add the extra something your guests want.
  • Organization: If we don’t have any needed elements for your event we can suggest great local vendor or handle rental, delivery and setup/teardown services for you.

Give us a call and let’s discuss your event ideas 805-380-7763

Here’s a crazy idea, if you don’t even know if you want to host an event, how about we partner and let Dark 8 Zero our 80’s band throw an event or fundraiser with you similar to our big Halloween event (see flyer link below)? Proceeds after expenses can be shared between your business, organization or favorite charity and EarthGen Alliance.

Past event & marketing production experience include many types of varied needs from sound production for Pozo Festivals to the yearly AustimOne conference in Chicago, Anaheim Supercross after-parties, even X-Games MegaRamp logistics and many more.

Samples and Examples

Halloween Fundraiser Event

Websites & Events

LearnGrowThrive Production is a San Luis Obispo event production company as part of the EarthGen Alliance.

About EarthGen

The EarthGen Alliance is a social good accelerator devoted to Wellness, Oneness and Sustainability. Our mission is to help green & humanitarian solution providers share their gifts with the world. Instead of competing with service-minded individuals and organizations, we collaborate with them to manifest our shared visions of service to humanity and mother earth.

About LearnGrowThrive

The EarthGen Alliance is developing an alliance network called LearnGrowThrive that host online tutorials, hands-on workshops and retreats, you will be able to Learn about amazing solutions that are good for People, Pets and the Planet. More information coming soon!

You must be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandhi ~