Lauryl Creative you make the best band logo design

What can I say, the whole Dark 8 Zero band is ecstatic, Lauryl Creative you make the best band logo design San Luis Obispo has seen, but I knew they would be before it was ever started, a little backstory will explain why.

Over a decade ago I was lucky enough to meet our graphic designer, Lauryl as a wee high school student who loved art and was a talented painter though at this point she was new to computers and graphic design. While mentoring I often shared stories about college, the beauty of the Central Coast of California and the amazing graphic design San Luis Obispo had produced through the Cal Poly Art & Design School. What seemed like the blink of an eye she is a Cal Poly alumna with years of amazing graphic design experience under her belt.

Fast forward many years and Lauryl Creative has worked on so many great design projects for my clients and I. I am so proud of her, and am always excited when she starts a new project for someone I know. When it was time to start on the band logo design for Dark Eight Zero I knew who I would be calling. My vision was to create a music project that was exciting, that would bring San Luis Obispo live 80s music with amazing songs and visuals that would get the dance floor moving, dare I hope we could be the best dance music in San Luis Obispo? We needed artwork to back us up and inspire us to do more.

If you’ve ever been involved in the creative brief process, you know this pre-planning step can mean the difference between like or love, failure or success of a design. I knew this project would be on ongoing challenge because it was not only our band’s logo that we all wanted to love and be excited to share, it would take on many other forms includes use on our website, for special events with their own themes (think Halloween and New Years), even hats and shirts. Not just regular old band merchandise with a boring logo and name printed but something more.

Really I wanted something that could expand and take on an artistic life of its own. Last year I was online looking for a couple of cool hats that weren’t just some standard logo on a hat like you often see in surf shops (Brixton, Quicksilver, RVCA, even Hurley ring a bell?). I love music and attend concerts often, I so want to support bands and buy their merchandise but I rarely do. Oh joy, another black tour shirt with a list of 40 cities, or their logo with little or no creativity, sound familiar? I want something I would excited to pull out of the closet and bummed when it get too faded to wear any longer.

This led me online awhile back and I ran across Crawlspace Studios, wow I loved their truly artistic flair, this is the kind of thing I have been wanting to create, even to wear, inspiring, fun, funky!

Couple of my favorite hats I orderedbest-graphic-design-hat-three-trees-hatbest-logo-design-hat-bear-made-of-triangles

So, as I write this blog Lauryl and I have finished the base logos and branding for the Dark 8 Zero live 80’s Band and even event promo flyers for our Halloween fundraiser. Next we will be working on our hat and shirt design, so excited to see what we come up with, will it be something I would want to wear, something you would want to wear, we hope so!

This blog is really a kudos to Lauryl for so many year of great projects and excited for many more in the years to come. If I had to come up with a little testimonial sentence it would read “When I want graphic design that I am going to be excited about I call Lauryl Creative”, you should too! If you want Lauryl to work on your project, need some pointers on how to start a creative brief or want to book live 80s band Dark 8 Zero get in touch 😉

Thanks again Lauryl, you rock, keep up the great graphic design!

Here is a look at where we are with our logo and brand so far, what do you think?